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Choco also known as ChocotheChocobo, is a friend of the members in the Pack. He mainly uploads Minecraft content on his channel. He got the name of the channel from his actual name, and related his name to the famous Final Fantasy character He started his KewhCraft channel, the Minecraft channel as a second channel, and his first channel's name, ChocotheChocobo is his actual Minecraft IGN. He is mainly known to have made the Balamb in Season 1 of HTM, by far the biggest build in the server, even though he joined later on to the server.

He joined in on his KewhCraft channel on July 4th, 2014, and since he has gained over 100,000 subscribers. He has the lowest subscriber count around the Pack community, but is still a great friend to the Pack members. He does not own a server, but has been stating that he would like to own one in the near future. He has been great friends with TBNRFrags and TBNRKenworth before his launch of the Kweh Craft channel.

Personal Life:


Only little is known about Choco, and the only information about his age that is gather able is that he is in his 20s. He originated from Pittsburgh, PA. as stated in a colab with JeromeASF. Choco is approximately 6ft tall. Everything is unknown about his family. He has been great friends with TBNRFrags and TBNRKenworth far before the launch of the KewhCraft channel, and has been called, the TBNRSquad. There is no confirmation where he lives, only that he lives in America, but he is said to be living alone. He is Asian, and the whereabouts of his birth place is unknown. He has a girlfriend who he called Momo in a Choco's world episode but she doesn't live with him.


Since the birth of the KewhCraft channel, Choco has gained over 100,000 subscribers. Chco started out YouTube in 2013, as a CoD and a Black Ops YouTuber. He played very often with the "TBNRSquad", which is made up of Choco, TBNRKenworth, and TBNRFrags. They were great friends before they started out YouTube, and are a famous Squad now, in the community of the Pack. In 2014, Choco followed the rest of the TBNRSquad, and started out his Minecraft channel, which is now known to be the KwehCraft channel. He now uploads on both of his channels regularly.


These are the people that Choco records with often.


These are the series' Choco has done, or is doing right now.

  • How to Minecraft
  • How 2 Minecraft
  • Crazy Craft
  • Minercaft: Vanilla Series
  • How to Min3craft (unofficial H3M name)
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