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Lachlan, formerly known as CraftBattleDuty, is a 20 year old Australian YouTuber that is part of the Pack. His Birthday is on the 25th of August 1995. He often records QnA's, Minecraft videos and much more. Like Woofless and TBNRFrags, he has a 2nd channel in which he plays variety of games such as Stranded Deep and CSGO. His Minecraft skin has golden hair, a red shirt, black pants and red shoes.

He joined YouTube on March 14th, 2013, and since, he has gotten over 1,000,000 subscribers, and is still growing. He uploads daily on his main channel, and on his 2nd channel, he uploads every other day. He also owns a Minecraft Pixelmon server called 'Pokeballers'. He is also a co-owner of a factions server with Vikkstar123.

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Personal Life:

Lachlan Power's birthday is on the 25th of August 1995 and is 20 years old. He has 1 younger brother with the name Mitch (the same name as 'BajanCanadian') he also has an older sister of the name Jackie. Lachlan now has over 1,000,000 subscribers and has the 'Gold Youtube Play Button'. He also has the 'Silver Youtube Play Button' and now both are hanging up in frames in his house.He is a good youtuber


Since the launch of the channel, Lachlan has gained over 1,000,000 subscribers. He is known to be the 'Ping Boy'. After a while, he became good friends with many of the Pack members, and started filming with them. The result was obvious, he gained thousands of more subscribers, and he became the popular Minecraft YouTuber he is now.



Pokeballers official logo.

Lachlan owns a Minecraft Pixelmon server which he pays the operation for, called 'Pokeballers'. The system of the server is unique to other servers, and in order Red and Green version, and similar to the real Pokemon game, there are gym leaders, and wild Pokemon appear occasionally. The server is the most popular Pixelmon server in Minecraft, and Lachlan had a series on the server.

He also owns a server called 'Treasure Wars' which is a factions server. He has just started a new series with treasure wars against Vikkstar123.


These are people that Lachlan records with often.


These are the series that have been on the channel, or are still being posted.

  • Factions
  • Factions Season 2
  • Factions Season 3 Versus against Vikkstar123
  • Stranded Deep in Minecraft w/Vikkstar123
  • How to Minecraft 1,2 & 3
  • Skygrind
  • Pixelmon Mystery Dungeon
  • Pixelmon Island
  • Dinosaurs Season 1&2
  • Pixelmon Reloaded
  • Prison
  • CrazyCraft Season 1,2 And 3
  • The Mad Pack 2
  • HeroWars
  • SkyBlock
  • UHC (Ultra Hard Core)s
  • Crazier Craft
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