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Landon Nickerson (LandonMC/RB) is a 18 year old Minecraft and Roblox Youtuber,who currently living in Dallas, Texas. He was born on April 10th 1999. He is the cousin of fellow YouTuber PrestonPlayz also known as TBNRfrags.

In September of 2017 he started a new channel called 'LandonRB' where he plays Roblox and streams regularly. He is widely known for his mass 'Robux' giveaways. Recently (January 2018) he has had many arguments with the way the company (Roblox) is run after his group, the Duck Squad, was shut down and Landon given a 24 hour ban. Ever since he has campaigned to make robux giveaways allowed, as in the TofS it says that rubux are NOT to be given away without purpose.