Mathew Johannesburg Nucciarone or NoochM is is a 21-year old Canadian Gamer who records a variety of videos he plays minecraft with the members of the pack mainly with PrestonPlayz, TheBajanCanadian, ASFJerome and Woofless. His skin is a character in Dota 2 called Clockwerk mainly because his favourite game is Dota 2 he says it will never get old to him. His favorite colour is orange. He can solve a Rubik's Cube. He owns two bunnies called Cupcake and Bigfoot (Bigfoot being the most popular out of the two) and a dog called Tigger, which he calls a hyena because of her looks because he doesn't know her real breed. He wears glasses. He has dark, curly hair. He consistently wears a crown (gold helmet) in Battledome/Hunger Games.

Personal Life

He is 21 years old, his favourite colour is orange, his favourite game is Dota 2 and he currently only has one known sibling, and that is to be Samantha Nucciarone, his sister.


Members of the Pack





Blinding of Issac

Resident Evil 4

Happy Wheels

Super Meat Boy

Dota 2


Capture the Wool


Hunger Games

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