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* Crazier Craft (ongoing)
* Crazier Craft (ongoing)
* How 3 Minecraft (H3M) (finished)
* How 3 Minecraft (H3M) (finished)
* Lone Survivor (ongoing)
* Lone Survivor (quit)
* SeigeWorld (quit)
== Friends ==
== Friends ==

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PeteZahHutt's logo as of April 2015.

Brandon (Also known as PeteZahHutt or Nodnarb) is a 19-year-old YouTube content creator who mainly plays Minecraft and sometimes some random games.

His birthday is March 14 and he currently lives with his parents in California.

In his spare time, he likes to play guitar or the drum.

Brandon has a girlfriend called Kara A.K.A. pwincessly who has a YouTube channel of her own.


He started his Youtube channel PeteZahHutt on June 11, 2011 and his first upload was on April 12, 2012. He has currently 600.000+ subscribers, over 100 million views and has uploaded over 1200 videos.

As of February 2016, he made a second Youtube channel Nodnarb for videos other than Minecraft.


Brandon has played on a lot of servers but the servers that he uses or has used the most are:

  • TheNexus
  • Hypixel
  • OpticCraft
  • SourceryPvP
  • PrimeMC
  • Lone Survivor


Brandon has done a lot of series but his first daily series was How To Minecraft (HTM). A vanilla Minecraft SMP hosted by The Pack. He has been in all the 3 series of HTM. Other famous series he has done are:

  • How 2 Minecraft (H2M) (finished)
  • Crazy Craft 3.0 (finished)
  • Black Diamond Skyblock (finished)
  • Optic Factions (quit) (together with NadeShot)
  • Trinity UHC (finished)
  • UHC (finished) (several seasons)
  • Just Jump (finished) (mini-series)
  • SorceryPvP (quit) (together with pwincessly)
  • Crazier Craft (ongoing)
  • How 3 Minecraft (H3M) (finished)
  • Lone Survivor (quit)
  • SeigeWorld (quit)


Here are some people he record with:

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