Brandon or PeteZahHut is a friend of the pack who plays Minecraft on his channel. He got the idea for his name from the restaurant Pizzahut. He is current 18 years old. According to him he will never kill slimes or magma cubes unless it is necessary this is because his minecraft skin is a slime in a suit with a grey hat on.

Personal Life:

Brandon was born March 14th 1997 and has 1 brother who has been mentioned in some of his videos.


Brandon is a Minecraft youtuber who used to play with some members of Team Crafted, but still plays with Jerome and Mitch. (His name came from his brother's friend, Pete or Peter, and when they both made fun of the restaurant "Pizza Hut" with his name. He had to make an account name for his minecraft account and youtube channel, so he named it "PeteZahHutt") he's also done a BattleDome vid with Adam and Jason and they turned out to be good friends, but they haven't made a video together since. He is best friends with the NoochM (Mat) with their funny hunger games.


PeteZahHut is one of the owners of the server SorceryPvP the IP has not came out as they are still beta testing.


Members of the Pack





- Mad Pack 2

- Trinity UHC

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