PrestonPlayz channel's logo as of April 2015.

Preston or TBNRFrags is a 21-year-old YouTuber that owns 2 channels similar to Lachlan and Woofless. The Main channel is for for CS:GO, Black Ops etc. and the other channel for Minecraft. He uploads daily on two of his channels, as well as streaming occasionally on his Twitch Account. His Minecraft skin is a lava mob originally with no face but later on Preston added a creeper face to it.

PrestonPlayz created his YouTube channel in July 4th 2012, and since then, he has gained over 1,200,000 subscribers. He has also done a 'Draw My Life' video for his 1,000,000 subscribe special. He owns a Faction server with Woofless, called CosmicPVP, and he records on it, and uploads daily content on the server.

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Personal Life:


Preston in real life.

Preston's birthday is May 4th, and has 3 brothers and 1 sister. His older brother, Daka was in the U.S. Navy, and he came back safe and alive. His younger brothers are Joshua and Caleb, and both have appeared in a video at least once on the channel. He also has a cousin that has been featured in a Parkour video as well. His ex-girlfriend was Sara, and she was featured in multiple videos as well. It is now confirmed that they have broken up, and the reasons are unknown. Preston is also adopted when he was young; however he lives a happy life with his in-law father now.


Preston originally created a channel for games such as CoD and Black Ops. At the same time, he made a second channel named PrestonPlayz where he played Minecraft only. Since then, both channels got famous, but the TBNRFrags channel was growing faster. However, the places switched over when Minecraft became a huge hit in 2014, and many Minecraft fans stormed over to YouTube, demanding some Minecraft content. Then, the PrestonPlayz channel overcame the TBNRFrags channel, and the channel hit the million subscriber mark faster than the main channel.



CosmicPVP official logo.

Preston owns a server along with Woofless called, CosmicPVP. CosmicPVP is known for originally creating many custom enchantments, and making the Faction game mode more interesting. Woofless and TBNRFrags records on the server, and has a Faction series on the server, and uploads daily. It's one of the most popular series' on the PrestonPlayz channel. The system of the server is like a normal Faction server, but there are custom items such as the Chemical TNT.


These are people that he often records with.


These are the series' Preston has played or is playing right now.

  • Mad Pack 2 w/Lachlan
  • Crazy Craft
  • Bloond and Bones w/Woofless and Vikkstar123
  • Mod Battles
  • Pixelmon w/Woofless
  • Hunger Games
  • How to Minecraft
  • Factions w/Woofless
  • Mod Showcase
  • Jail Break
  • UHC
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