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KenworthGaming's channel logo as of June 2015.

Kenny also known as TBNRKenworth, is an 24 -year-old YouTuber that plays with the Pack very often. He owns two channels, his Minecraft channel being KenworthGaming, and his main channel is TBNRkenWorth. His Minecraft channel is often thought to be his main channel, but his CoD/CS:GO channel is his main one, much like his best friend Preston Arsement, or TBNRfrags. His first channel has much more subscribers and viewers, although the Minecraft channel being popular. He is famous for his UHCs, where he plays with AcidicBlitz, and gets within the top three every time.

He joined YouTube on his Minecraft channel in December 10th, 2013, and since then he has gained over 100,000 subscribers. He plays with the Pack very often, especially with Preston and Rob, since they have known each other for a long time. He does not currently own a server, but he has said that he wishes to, in the future when he gets the money for it.

Personal Life:

Kenny is real life.

His real name is Kenny Pygott.. He is 24 with his birthday on September 30,1991. Not much is known about his family. His girlfriend is Korie. He has been great friends with Choco and Preston before he began YouTube, and is known to have started the TBNRSquad with them. He is also friends with AcidicBlitzz/Justin and plays UHC with him. He lives alone in Illinois.

"Thanks Preston"


From the formation of the KenworthGaming channel, he has gained over 1,000,000 subscribers. His first video was called "My Nephew Hates Those Damn Turtles", where his nephew plays Mario.


  • ChocotheChocobo
  • Bodil40
  • PeteZahHutt
  • TBNRfrags
  • AcidicBlitzz, Ashuriwolf (AcidicBlitzz Girlfriend)
    • NoochM LandonMC


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