The Pack is a group of Minecrafters who record together on a daily basis. The Pack consists of Woofless, PrestonPlayz/TBNRFrags, JeromeASF, Lachlan/CraftBattleDuty, BajanCanadian and Vikkstar123. When the group had first created 'The Pack', BajanCanadian and JeromeASF had both just come from the breaking apart of Team Crafted, their original group that had risen to the point of corruption rather than gratefulness. Together they record Minecraft mini-games, maps, How To Minecraft SMP, and recently they have started to record GTA V funny moments. But sometimes they record alone or with 'allies' of The Pack on certain occasions. They have all met each other in real life at gaming conventions, holiday celebrations and so on. (editing come back later)

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