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The Pack is a group of Minecrafters, consisting of WooflessPrestonPlayz/TBNRFragsJeromeASF , Lachlan/CraftBattleDutyBajanCanadian, and Vikkstar123, who record together on a daily basis. When the members had first created 'The Pack', BajanCanadian and JeromeASF had both just come from the breaking apart of Team Crafted, their original association, that had risen to the point of corruption. Once released to each individual's fanbase, the majority of the fans embraced the new little family; the rest felt uneasy from past experience (which was Team Crafted). The Pack, since its official opening, is only a couple months old.

Together The Pack record Minecraft mini-games, maps, How To Minecraft SMP, and recently they have started to record GTA V funny moments. On certain occasions, the individual members record with people that surround the union such as PeteZahHutt, NoochM, ChocotheChocobo, and TBNRKenWorth or they simply record solo. Some of the members have actually known each other for years and have grown on each other since then; the rest of members, though they haven't had as much time in the ring as much as others, are still equally close to everyone else. This group does not have an administrator or an owner, thus making the group fair for every associate.   

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